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My darling, he goes to work putting on a jeans on friday.
He might think that "Friday is a casual day !"

This morning, something was hit on when I saw him putting on it.

"Why we call 'G-Pan' in japanese, it is a Jeans, isn't it !? "

Wait ... This is a feeling to think in English !

Does anyone know the true reason ?
Please tell me why...

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by usaginosiratama | 2006-03-31 21:56 | English
Last Lessons
Yesterday, it was the last lesson.
Not to mention what it was.
It was only 10 times, but I really enjoyed it.
It was good for my body, health, feelings, spirit and etc...
The teacher was also good.
She was elegant, powerful, and beautiful.

Today, I have another last lesson.
It is...a class of language. (But not English!)
Have I regained my sense a little? Mmm...?

There is no lesson in summer even if I will continue.
Next, will start in September, but...I don't know I'm here, or not.
I'm sure I'll miss them....a little lost of the enjoyment.

Of course, I' ll keep to practice in my own.
But, especially, the teacher is necessary for the first one!

・・・well, what shall I do ?

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by usaginosiratama | 2006-03-28 19:13 | English